The Best Spots to Shop for Maternity & Nursing Apparel

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Pregnant StyleAlthough it took a few years – or rather, generations – designers now take maternity fashion more seriously. Someone finally realized that just because you’re now dressing for two doesn’t mean your sense of style went the way of your waistline.

You can now find the right maternity pieces to fit your personal style, stage of pregnancy and budget. In the second trimester, you may prefer skirts or dresses for comfort or you may prefer pants or jeans to cover up potentially swollen ankles. Whatever your preference, the following stores will make dressing for work, the grocery store, or the gym a breeze during pregnancy.


A Pea in the Pod – This popular retailer is known for its fashionable maternity apparel and designer offerings. Those include a large selection of work-approved dresses, skirts, and pants as well as options for more formal occasions.

LOFT – Sold exclusively online, the LOFT maternity line is becoming a hot-spot for professional yet stylish tops, bottoms, and dresses. Although they don’t yet offer an extensive collection, their convenient online presence and periodic sales are nice perks.



MOTHERHOOD Maternity – A sister company to A Pea in the Pod, this retailer offers budget-friendly styles designed for easy-sizing based on your pre-pregnancy size. Their variety and price points make them a nice option for maternity apparel. You can find their “Oh Baby” line exclusively at Kohl's.

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A Pea in the Pod – A winner in this category as well, A Pea in the Pod offers one of the largest selections of designer jeans you can find. From J Brand and Buffalo to Joe’s Jeans and True Religion, you’ll find that perfect pair of denim here.

GAP – Just like their non-maternity lines, GAP offers a nice selection of all the classic essentials and basic layering pieces with just a hint of the latest trends. Even without their frequent sales, their pieces are affordable.

H & M – The #1 user of organic cotton worldwide, H&M delivers quality and fashion at a reasonable price. Although they don’t offer a large quantity, their maternity wear is chic, yet comfortable.




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Fit Maternity – This California-based provider of comfortable maternity fitness wear was created by a mom who wanted to remain active during most of her nine-months of pregnancy. This philosophy is reflected in many of the unique workout essentials this boutique provides, despite its less-than-appealing website.

Impact Fitness Wear – This specialty store offers exclusive styles of fashionable maternity workout clothing all made in the USA. The items are available in a variety of colors and made of high-quality fabrics.

Old Navy – While offering a comprehensive maternity line, Old Navy has a surprisingly large selection of active wear as well. You can find many styles of tanks, tees, pants, and jackets that won’t require you break the piggy bank.

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In addition to their maternity lines, many of the retailers mentioned in this article offer nursing clothing and accessories as well. These include A Pea in the Pod, MOTHERHOOD, GAP, Old Navy, and Fit Maternity. However, a few other resources for nursing clothing include:

Amazon – Not just a place to buy books anymore, Amazon offers a large selection of maternity and nursing clothing. I also found a few stylish items made of organic fabrics here.

Etsy – This is another great, but unexpected place, to find nursing clothing including those made of organic materials. Just tailor your keyword search to find everything from nursing pads and covers to organic maternity clothing.

Additional Resource

To view an extensive list of unique maternity designer sites, visit Due Maternity; it’s a great place to view specialty shops all in one place.