5 Must-Haves for Every New Mama

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5 Great ProductsWith so many products available on the market today, deciding which products are best for your baby can be overwhelming. Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 items a natural-minded mama should have at hand to help her little one. These items are great for any new mother—they aim to provide better bonding experiences as well as provide more comfort to your little one, especially when he or she isn’t feeling well.


1. Balboa Baby Sling

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This stylish and adjustable baby sling is perfect for your little one. Its adjustable feature allows it to accommodate your growing baby and keep him or her close and comfortable whether you’re at home and doing some light cleaning, out and about running errands, or taking a leisurely walk around the park. Unlike other slings, it is easy to use and gentle on baby’s tender thighs. One of the benefits to the Balboa sling is it allows babies to nurse while in it. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning as well. And an added bonus? Dr. Sears has endorsed it as a great product. 

 2. NoseFrida: The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

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Originally created in Sweden, this is a must have product when your little one experiences a stuffy nose and congestion. Conceived and created by a doctor, this simple device removes mucus more gently than other nasal aspirators. One of its best features is that the user controls the suction capacity to ensure that the proper amount of suction is being applied. While other nasal aspirators may break blood vessels in the nose, no such reports exist with using the Frida Snot Sucker. Many professionals also consider it more hygienic as its replaceable filters prevent mucus or bacterial transfer. And the bonus? Most of the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

 3. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

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Endorsed by a number of celebrity moms including Mariska Hargitay and Julianna Margulies, this is a must-have item to make nursing a great experience for you and your little one. Offering a number of fun prints, every mom can find a style she likes. One of the best features of the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is its wrap-around design and back support, which helps mom maintain good posture during nursing and promotes good positioning for baby to latch on. The front cushion is both firm and flat which helps keep baby in place while feeding, reducing the likelihood of your little one rolling away from the breast during nursing sessions. Its design also includes arm and elbow rests to reduce or eliminate stress to the shoulders. Another great feature is the silent release strap, which is great if baby falls asleep while nursing—this silent feature ensures a smooth transfer to naptime. A well-placed pocket in the front also holds nursing accessories or other small items mom may want handy. 

4. Nuk Latex Pacifiers and Nipples

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These pacifiers and nipples are designed to mimic the shape and feel of the real thing. They help to meet your baby’s natural instinct to suck for comfort. The Nuk Latex pacifier features a round nipple paired with a concave round mouth shield; this design works to limit contact with baby’s skin for maximum comfort. This design also features three holes for air circulation, which prevents skin irritation from drool.

Nuk’s First Essentials 3-Hole Latex Nipples are a favorite choice among moms for many reasons. First, they work with most reusable baby bottles. Second, their 3-hole design creates a smoother milk flow. The vented nipple feature works to reduce colic. The likelihood of nipple collapse during use is also reduced due to vent holes and ribs. 

5. Temporal Thermometer

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Inc. magazine named the Exergen Temporal Scanner thermometer as one of the 24 “Smartest Products of the Decade” in an article by the same name. This product takes baby’s temperature with no discomfort by using infrared technology to take a reliable temperature reading from the temporal artery. As accurate as a rectal thermometer, this device takes baby’s temperature non-invasively and can even be used while baby is sleeping. 

Whether you’re purchasing these items for yourself, or purchasing a gift for a new momma, these five items are must haves for the natural-minded mama. Each item is designed with a baby’s best interests and comfort in mind. Their designs not only help a mother breastfeed more comfortably, but tend to her little one in times of sickness with the gentlest methods possible.


Photo Kathryn FooterKathryn is a baby-wearing, cloth diapering, DIY mom to her quickly growing and pretty cute toddler.  When she isn't researching and writing about natural approaches to pregnancy and parenting, she's acting out her favorite children's books or singing off-key made-up songs.