6 Toy Lines that Every Mama Should Know About

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6 Great Toy LinesPurchasing organic toys is just as important as eating organic foods. Babies (and even some toddlers) put toys in their mouth to explore different textures, to sooth sore gums, or to simply make you run across the room to remove something that shouldn’t be in their mouths. Here are the top six organic toy lines that every health-conscious parent should know about.


1. Under the Nile

This organic toy line offers a variety of plush, fun toys aimed at the younger kid set. Their soft lovies, such as the bear, frog, and dog are made from organic and fair-trade cotton, and certified organic according to Global Organic Textile Standards. The cute animals are machine washable and dryable. Under the Nile also offers a super-cute veggie set, which includes one each of a smiling plush carrot, tomato, green bean, and mushroom—it’s never too early to encourage a love of veggies!

2. Dandelion

Dandelion offers earth-friendly toys for infants and toddlers. They offer a great line of organic rattles and teethers, development toys, plush animals, and dolls. Their organic developmental toys include an attacher, shape sorter, stacker, busy block, ball, and gyro toy. Each toy is made from organic cotton fibers and comes in gender neutral colors. Their organic PINK line supports breast cancer research as well, offering organic pink toys including a bunny teething blanket, plush dolls, and a busy block. Dandelion also offers a few holiday-themed organic toys, perfect for celebrating your little one’s first holidays. The pumpkin crinkle book, bat crinkle toy or ghost lovie are perfect presents for Halloween, while you can celebrate Winter holidays with a snowmen plush, crinkle book, and cuddle toys.

3. MiYim

This brand offers a wide variety of toys for infants and toddlers. Their line is made in the USA and all toys are free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, and latex. They used plant-based materials for all their toys. New for Spring 2013 is their dino teether, which is sure to be a hit with any teething infant. MiYim also offers lovies, knit teethers and rattles, stroller toys, musical pull toys, Earth fairy dolls, fairytale animals, and storybook animals. And if you’d like to introduce your baby to Disney as soon as possible, MiYim offers a great line of organic Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.



4. Plan Toys

Plan Toys’ mission is to create innovative toys using sustainable methods. They are a green company with a diverse array of toys. They’ve received numerous awards for their products, including the Reddot Design Award and Parenting Magazine’s Best Toy of the Year award. Their products range from baby peek-a-boo rollers to a tots drum to a clever city series airport. All of Plan Toys encourage your child’s imagination and are (mostly) sound-free.

5. Green Toys

Green Toys is a company dedicated to making classic children’s toys from environmentally friendly materials—mostly recycled milk jugs. All that effort you put into recycling is finally paying off! The Green Toys company manufactures toys right here in the United States—in sunny California! Their toys are available all over the United States both in stores and online. All of their toys are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. The Green Toys line is extensive and offers vehicles, outdoor, kitchen, building, and tableware toys, as well as a variety of baby and toddler toys. Whether you’re looking for a pizza kit, to help your mini chef create an imaginative new pizza, or a build-a-bouquet set, Plan Toys has some amazing options.

6. Yellow Label Kids

This company offers a line of knitted organic toys perfect for inspiring your little one’s mind. They offer a wide array of rattles and dolls, as well as finger puppets, animal hats, and play food including cupcakes. These knitted toys are made with organic bamboo yarn, grown and harvested with sustainable methods. Yellow Label Kids is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and ensures that the (mostly) mothers making this company’s toys receive a fair wage for their work.

Choosing organic and/or environmentally friendly toys for your little one has many benefits. First, you’re doing right by the planet as materials grown and harvested through organic means are kinder to the earth. Second, you’re supporting small businesses; many organic toy lines are produced by small companies who believe in producing safe, quality products for your baby. Third, you’re providing your baby with the safest toys possible. Eco-friendly toys are free from harmful pesticides, dyes, and chemicals such as BPAs. Although organic toys may cost a bit more than traditional toys, the peace of mind they bring into your home is just as important as the synthetic chemicals they leave out of it!


Photo Kathryn FooterKathryn is a baby-wearing, cloth diapering, DIY mom to her quickly growing and pretty cute toddler.  When she isn't researching and writing about natural approaches to pregnancy and parenting, she's acting out her favorite children's books or singing off-key made-up songs.