7 Great Organic Baby Clothing Lines

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Organic ClothesOrganic clothing for your baby isn’t just a great choice for the environment; it’s also great for your baby. Organic fibers are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and dangerous chemicals that remain in the fabric after it becomes clothing. Most organic clothing lines also use low-impact dyes which are better for the environment as well as baby’s sensitive skin. Here are seven great organic clothing lines to keep your baby in style.


1.  Sckoon

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This company offers a variety of simple newborn clothes as well as baby kimonos, onesies, sets, booties, bibs, hats, blankets, and toys. The minimalist designs are fresh and appealing, and let everyone focus on your baby instead of what he or she is wearing. All their products are made from organic cotton.

2.  Fierce Hugs

This Virginia company offers light-hearted, fun, and funky clothing options for you baby. If you’re looking for clothing with spunk instead of the traditional motifs, then look no further. Fierce hugs offers clever, whimsical, and endearing graphics printed on 100% organic cotton fibers. Whether it’s a rain cloud holding an umbrella or the little heroine Cryptia hugging her dragon, all artwork is uniquely original and comes in a variety of sizes.

3.  Kate Quinn Organics

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Kate Quinn Organics offers a variety of 100% certified organic fabrics, including pants, tops, dresses, lounge wear, onsies, and outerwear. Their style is classic with clean lines and simple embellishments.  The designs are inspired by nature, and this is reflected in the nature-inspired color palette. Their products are also colored with low-impact dyes.

4.  Under the Nile

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This company offers a wide variety of 100% organic Egyptian cotton clothing for a stylish baby. Their line includes clothing for preemies to 6T, so as your child grows, you can keep them in these safe, beautiful organic fabrics. Their simple designs make their line easy to mix and match. This company believes in ethical, practical, and affordable clothing—and they deliver it!



5.  Little Marmara

Little Marmara offers 100% chemical free organic Turkish cotton, dyed with low-impact dyes. If you love a bit of international flair, this line is for you; many of the pieces offered by Little Marmara are trimmed with motifs honoring the designer’s Turkish heritage. One great aspect to this company: they don’t believe in scratchy clothes tags to irritate your little one’s neck. Many styles also come with a double-needle neck and cuff cover stitching, which eliminates chafing. Although their clothing line is limited to shirts and accessories for now, these cute designs are a must-have.

6.  Idlezoo

The bold and unique portraits of animals are sure to make your little one wonder at what he or she is wearing. Made with soft, organic cotton, Idlezoo creates t-shirts, short-sleeve onesies, long-sleeve onesies, and kimono jackets. Each piece has a bold zoo animal on the front, and a short story on the back. If you’re looking for something fun and a bit different, try one of the designs offered by Idlezoo!

7.  Sage Creek Organics

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This line offers a wide variety of boys, girls, and unisex collections. For boys, try their Sweet Safari collection if you love elephants, their Starry Starry Night collection if you love bears and moons, or their Sail Away collection if you love ships. For girls, try their Home Sweet Home collection if you love birds and hearts, their Enchanted forest collection if you love forest critters, and their Butterfly Kisses collection for beautiful butterflies. Their unisex collections such as Bee Mine, Golden Dragonfly, and Sophisticated Baby offer parents wonderful designs without all the pink and blue.

Choosing organic clothing for your little one isn’t just good for the environment—it’s also good for your baby. Certified organic fabrics are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can irritate or be absorbed by your newborn’s skin. Organic clothing may be a bit more expensive, but they peace of mind it brings is most definitely worth the investment. To keep costs down, look for sales, and try searching online for coupon codes. Many companies also offer free shipping with a specific dollar purchase.


Photo Kathryn FooterKathryn is a baby-wearing, cloth diapering, DIY mom to her quickly growing and pretty cute toddler.  When she isn't researching and writing about natural approaches to pregnancy and parenting, she's acting out her favorite children's books or singing off-key made-up songs.