7 Surprising Reasons to Take a Childbirth Education Class

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iStock 000018261406SmallIf it's on TV it must be true, right?

So, if TV is any indicator of birth, then a typical birth would look like this:

You are having a normal day being pregnant and adorable in high heels. Then, your water breaks in the underwear section at Bloomingdale’s and you begin screaming in agony.

You scream the whole 15 blocks to the hospital and beg for the drugs. Unfortunately, the walk was so good for your labor, you walk in having the baby in your pants. This means no epidural and you scream bloody murder while the baby rips you open.

Oh yeah, and your partner passes out from seeing the head crown and needs to be rushed off to surgery.

Here's why a natural childbirth class will help you get a grip on childbirthing reality:


  1. Learn the rhythm. Labor is a rhythm, not an emergency. Learn the rhythm of birth and what it is saying to you.

  2. Eat Right. Do NOT underestimate the power of food. Heard of toxemia, preeclampsia, or HELLP? Learn how to avoid complications in labor by eating the right foods.

  3. Know your hospital. Hospitals have protocols to protect them from lawsuits, not to serve you or your baby. Learning your options is key to having a natural birth in a hospital.

  4. Tactful Disagreement. Doc says, “Don’t tell me how to do my job” and your partner punches him in the face. Not ideal. Learn specific phrases to say in these situations, as well as how to stay in the moment.

  5. Instant Relaxation. Tension makes contractions worse. Learn how to produce drugs 100x stronger than morphine outside the hospital through deep relaxation.

  6. Plan your a** off! Having a birth plan will empower you on your birthing day. Learn what makes a great birth plan and how to communicate it to your (not so friendly) hospital staff.

  7. You can do it! After watching videos of women having babies in tidal pools, you feel so great about your body and what it can do, you may just decide natural childbirth is for you!