Community Space

1. What is the Community Home page for?

The Community Home page is for connecting with other parents and service providers in Northern Virginia.

You can post photos (cute baby pics, anyone?), upload videos (a video of your favorite water birth, perhaps?), create events and participate in forum discussions in any of our community forums.

Can’t find what you need in our pre-existing community forums? You are welcome to start a new forum to address your needs.

You can also communicate with other users via messaging other users and “Liking” other users on the Community Home page.

Affiliate Advertising

1. Some of the article images seem to be linked to other websites.  Why is that and is it safe to click on those links?

In an effort to provide quality content and engaging articles, we pull images of products discussed from affiliate merchant websites such as Amazon.

The intent is to give readers a visual break from endless lines of text and add interest to the website.  All products are carefully screened and pulled from reputable websites.

If you choose to click on the image and purchase a product from our affiliate’s website, we earn a percentage (e.g. 3%) of the amount you spend with the affiliate.

These modest earnings help pay for our website hosting fees, the cost of our website security certificate, and our web master fees. The same goes for clicking on the advertisement banners on the periphery.

We only advertise those products and merchants whose philosophy aligns with our mission of bringing Natural Birth to Modern Moms.

Should you choose to honor us by clicking on one of these merchant banners and making a purchase, we earn a modest commission and greatly appreciate your support.


1. Who writes these articles?

Our regular writers are moms and birth professionals who have a passion for natural pregnancy and birth and want to change the culture of birth.

We feature other birth professionals and mother-baby friendly service providers as guest writers. Doulas, doctors, midwives, prenatal massage therapists, prenatal yoga instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, basically anyone whose practice serves pregnant women and babies, is invited to write for NoVA Natural Birth Network.

Regardless of the author, please always consult with your healthcare professional before taking the advice in any of our articles.



1.  I registered but now I can’t sign in. What gives?

After you register on our website, we send you a confirmation email to ensure that you are actually who you say you are and have access to the email address that you registered with.

Please check your email and click on the link we sent you in order to complete the registration process.

If you don’t seen an email from us, please check your SPAM or Junk mail folders, as it might be in there.